Mopar Offers for GAP in Chrysler

Chrysler makes it a point to have you covered with your vehicle. They know the frustrations that come with making payments to repairs. Mopar is Chrysler's way of making sure that you are able to take care of your vehicle in the case you have any issues with the engine.

Chrysler Mopar offers Guaranteed Automotive Protection or GAP with your vehicle. This is in the case of your auto-insurance falling short. GAP picks up the rest of the difference left by the insurance coverage so that you can take care of any damages or issues with your vehicle at very little cost.

Gap acts as the bridge for customers given that most customers are not going to be able to afford that much in repairs. When paying for a vehicle among other expenses, money is going to be tight for the driver. Chrysler Mopar offers a lot for owners of new vehicles.

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