Built For Rugged Adventure and Good Looks

Jeep Renegade continues this automaker's tradition of popular subcompact SUVs that are just as at home in Concord, CA as in the outback. The Renegade goes a step further, with best-in-class off-road capabilities and a classic Jeep look. Speaking of looks, take the following two exterior features that illustrate what we mean.

Jumping Humps Smoothly and Quickly

Jeep Renegade's engine delivers more than enough power to negotiate rough terrain, but the front fascia keeps maneuvers clean. The newly redesigned fascia curls upward, creating an enhanced front-end clearance that looks spectacular and never contacts even the sharpest vertical angles during spirited approaches.

Sun, Moon & Stars For Days

Jeep Renegade boasts not one, but two, sunroofs. The My Sky Removable Panel Sunroof does exactly what it says, consisting of two panels you can easily remove as needed, letting fresh air into the cabin and allowing heavenly light to shine on you. A height-adjustable rear cargo area provides storage space for the removable panels when they're not in use.

Do yourself a favor: crash the showroom at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Concord today, and take the Jeep Renegade for a much-deserved spin.

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