Save Fuel In The Efficient Dodge Durango

The All-New Dodge Durango comes with a drive train designed to give you loads of power while maintaining fuel efficiency. With an 8-speed transmission, the Durango shifts smoother than ever to help keep acceleration fast, and fuel costs low. So, whether you are bringing along your friends and bikes, or towing a load of up to 6,200 lbs, the popular midsized Durango is an SUV that will keep you functioning fantastically.

The Durango is the most technologically advanced SUV in its class, with over 60 safety features, and an entertainment system that puts other cars to shame. Who is going to complain over achieving a fuel economy of up to 26 mpg highway? When choosing to purchase a mid-sized SUV, the Dodge Durango is going to be your best bet.

So, get out there and make your adventure happen! Eliminate all doubt by taking the Dodge Durango for a test drive today.

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