With Today's Tires, Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

The tires made today are made of rubber and a few other materials to toughen them and make for a smoother ride. However, they will still wear unevenly. They are continuously moving against abrasive concrete or asphalt, and will wear out over time. Since front tires wear differently than rear tires, it is necessary to rotate your tires on a regular schedule.

When tires are rotated, the front tires are usually placed in the rear and the rear tires in the front. This will insure that the tires are worn in the same way, and it will provide for a safer, smoother ride as well.

See your local dealer for tire rotation and inspection. He will be able to connect you with the proper technician to rotate and inspect your tires. Based upon the wear on each of your tires, the technician may recommend replacement of your tires with new, appropriate tires for your vehicle.
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